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Turn Your Trains Into Cash

Thinking about Selling Your Trains? Let's Talk. AAModelTrainRepair has over 20,000 customers local, national, and international looking for what you may have. Contact us to sell or consign your collection today.

AA Model Train Repair is proud to be an American owned and operated small business. Collecting and repairing trains has been a lifetime hobby, but buying, selling, consigning and repairing trains for others has become a passion and business over the last 20 years.


This passion and expertise has led us to a reputation of honesty and integrity in the business. Our reputation has been built through word of mouth, ebay top seller designation, and a presence at train shows and in train magazines.

AA ModelTrainRepair’s 2 Ways to Help You Sell Your Collection

Turn Your Trains into a Cash Offer
Due to our large volume of purchases and sales nationally and internationally we have a large volume of train vendors purchasing from us for resell. This option provides your list of items for sale to these vendors. This is often the fastest and simplest way to sell your collection, but your income from the sale may be less than the other options. For this option call us at (727) 698-7496.


Within our brick and mortar store we take in your items for sale, inventory those items, clean and repair them to optimize sale. We then take professional photos, write strong descriptions and market your collection in a variety of modalities including in store, multiple internet sites including our online auction site and eBay store to achieve maximum exposure. Your cost is for parts only (if needed), we take on the repair,and labor, marketing, packaging, shipping and handling costs. Your income percentage is determined by appraisal at time of consignment. For this option click here.




AA Sales & Repair,
I just wanted to thank David and all the folks at AA Model Train Repair for not only taking all my American Flyer trains and cleaning them up and refurbishing them as needed, but for finding them great new homes! Growing up in PA my dad would always set up the Christmas yard and we would watch the trains in amazement circle all around the buildings in that miniature village - it's nice to know that they are now bringing joy to a whole new generation of train enthusiasts! Thanks again!
-Kay C. Miami, FL



Thank you for everything David at AAMTR,
Losing someone close is tough enough. The selling of their pride and joy, their trains was an added feeling of loss. We hardly knew where to start. We found AA Model Train Repair on the internet and the rest is now history. We had a very large collection of Lionel trains. AA knew the value, knew the love and assisted us to sell our collection through their store and online auctions.

Everything we found on the website was reliable. You can believe what you read. We were treated with the utmost courtesy, respect and honesty. From the first contact to the last, professionalism and fairness was an obvious motto.
Thanks for all your help AAMTR
Best Regards,
-KIM B. Atlanta, GA



You guys set the example for customer service. Thanks for selling my trains for me. I deal with alot of people both professionally and personally and I have found your response to customers is the best. Thanks again David.
-Phil from Tampa FL



David & AA,
I would recommend this site to anyone interested in selling their trains! Very helpful with detailed instructions on what to do. Thanks for buying my trains! Great website!
-Dan from AL



Dear AA,
Thanks again for your teams effort to buy my trains. The experience with AA was outstanding. The offer was good & the shipping was simple.
-Mike from PA



When someone gives you something, you want to give it true value. I think David and AAModelTrainRepair loved my father's collection almost as much as he did. I loved watching David and his staff go through the collection, watching their eyes light up, handling the trains and accessories with care. I saw the love of trains that I wanted to see before I turned my inheritance over to someone. If you are thinking about selling a valued collection, even a loved collection, then I highly recommend dealing with AAModelTrainRepair. Share what you have, but share it wisely with AA.
-Diane C, VA



You know I had never considered consignment before AAModelTrainRepair. I wanted to sell some of my collection, but I was hesitant. I started with just a few trains, but once the trains started moving, I was ready to sell more. I'm so glad I did. David worked with me and we have built a great relationship and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about selling their collection and just wants someone to honestly talk you through it and represent you to talk with David and get your collection moving. I hope those of you who buy my trains enjoy them as much as I did!
-Dan S. Jay, FL



Consignment was not an overnight process, but it was an easy and profitable one. You can have confidence when turning over your trains to AAModelTrainRepair.
-Bob C Boca Raton, FL



AA Model Train Repair,
It was hard to get rid of my husbands possessions. We all really loved the train around the tree at Christmas, but I didn't have room to set them up anymore and the children didn't want them. I really didn't know what to do, but when I saw the TRAINS sign on Ulmerton, I just stopped by with my box and the staff looked at them, made me a fair offer and I knew that some other family would love seeing that train go round the tree again.
-Grace Clearwater, FL



AA Model Train Repair,
My garage was filled with alot of boxes from years and years of family storage. When I found the box of old trains I didn't know if they were worth anything at all. I hoped they were worth alot. I found AAModelTrainRepair on the internet and shipped them to the store. I got a quick response. Alot of the trains had rust damage, but there were a few pieces that were worth restoration. I didn't get a million, but I did make some quick easy cash.
-Roger, GA



AA Model Train Repair
Dropped my trains off on Tuesday. Had an offer on Thursday. Wish I had more trains to sell!
Joe, Pinellas Park, FL


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